Ocean Youth Connexions (OYC) started its journey in September 2000 by a group of local volunteers of the Ocean Estate to address the local issues that were ravaged by poverty, high drugs misuse, organised crimes, vandalism, and graffiti, boarded up shops, Anti Social behaviour, and low educational attainments. This vicious circle of risky behaviour has enveloped the whole area to make it Britain’s most deprived area (source BBC 2001).

Then-Prime Minister Tony Blair sourced £56m funding for the regeneration of the area over a 10 year period by bringing about a community-led organisation “The New Deals for Communities”. This saw the rise in new organisations springing up to deliver the much-needed work to bring people out of poverty and crime and re-engage them towards positive activities to enrich their lives and improve their prospects of life-improving opportunities.

Ocean Youth is a youth and community organisation that has stood the time of providing continued support to its clients not only in the Ocean Estates but to the whole of Tower Hamlets. It offers a wide range of diverse activities from generic youth club sessions to half term provisions and summer programs to community fun days, sports training, and study support. Running from a small office space in the local farm it uses satellite venues to deliver all of its activities.

It also targets those that are socially excluded and disengaged from mainstream services especially those suffering from isolation and loneliness and are carers. Its aim is to re-engage these young people into positive activities that will help them, assist them, provide vital information, and make referrals to services that will support them through their transition from adolescence to independence.

Our Vision

“Helping tomorrows young people today”
By helping young people reach their full potential through active participation and to play an important role in their community through social action.

Our Mission

“To provide a safe, inclusive and caring environment for young people to improve themselves as individuals and bring about a positive change by being listened to and respected”

A summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Our Objectives

  • To assist young people during their transition from adolescence to independence
  • To build positive relationships
  • To create opportunities for active participation within the community
  • To design creative youth work programs around the needs of young people and provide opportunities that enrich young people to make positive choices in life
  • To facilitate young people’s learning and development within an informal setting
  • To provide opportunities for play in a fun and welcoming environment

Our Core Values

  • Active Participation
  • Communication & Consultation
  • Motivation & Empowerment
  • Equality & Inclusion
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Quality of Delivery