Open Access Sessions for 11-18 year olds

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-8pm

  • Location: Ocean TLA, Ernest Street, E1 4SE
  • Youth Worker In-charge: Syed Kadir Ali
  • Youth Support Worker: Kamrul Islam, Mozahid Hoque, Rajmina Begum, Nazuma Bibi & Zurain Hussean


“For tomorrow’s young people, today”

We provide indoor games, pool, table tennis, fusball, PS4, weight training, cooking sessions, boxercise, and various arts and craft activities.

We provide opportunities for young people to learn the art of cutting hair in our barber project.

Our workers are experienced in teaching you how to cook healthy food on a budget, from acti-frying, baking to grilling. We organise artistic and creative smoothie making, waffle creations and mojito sessions. With the best thrill of the grill barbeques for any youth club standard, our annual community fun days attracts the local community to meet, greet, and expand their networks.

Open Access Sessions for 8-19 year olds

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-8pm

  • Location: Caxton Hall, Caxton Grove, London E3 2EE
  • Youth Worker In-Charge: Hobibur Rahman
  • Youth Support Worker: Fatima Begum, Meryem Day & Nicos Antonio Shuttler


“Building positive relationships and giving young people the best possible life experiences”

We provide indoor games, pool, table tennis, PS4, boxercise, and various arts and craft activities.

We have an outdoor football pitch and an outdoor green area. Also, popular for its make and nail workshop sessions under the project.

Our workers are experienced in helping young people to address their needs and issues and offer the best information and guidance possible to better themselves. We organise regular workshops on crime, the law, stop and search, address local knife crime issues, anti social behaviour problems and find the best options to create a safe and secure area to live and enjoy.

Our experienced youth workers will help and assist young people to make positive informed lifestyle choices, by providing them access to a wealth of lifelong learning skills and experiences that will support them towards their independence.

Outreach Projects

Ocean Youth Connexions outreach workers are the first point of contact within the Bow West and Bow East Area. Our outreach workers provide a detached service to the local young people in the two areas, keeping them positively engaged in local activities, youth centres and youth provisions.

Our outreach workers are integral parts within the community and we specialise in supporting young people of all ages.

We are currently working in partnership with Tower Hamlets Homes and the Violence Reduction Unit to deliver the much needed outreach and detached work in the two areas.

We will continue to work alongside the local MET Outreach and Youth Engagement Officers on an engagement project. We have offered young people opportunities to own a stolen and recovered bike through our bike mechanic course. We have organised a role reversal workshop, participated in a Police Community football tournament and assisted in identifying ASBO areas for youth intervention.

We also are working with the Neighbouring Patrol Officers, Tower Hamlets Homes ASB team lead and L&Q Housing association residents to make their residential areas safe, peaceful and youth engaging.

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