OYC Contact Consent Form
This is a consent form relating to a Youth Worker/Professional WhatsApp group and email thread. If you haven’t already, we strongly encourage you to read the WhatsApp terms and conditions, so you are clear on how WhatsApp manages your personal data. Note that when you are part of the group, all other members of the group can see your mobile phone number. If you have a complaint regarding this group, please contact us using the contact form on our website.
(NB it will also be visible to all members of the WhatsApp group)

Rules for WhatsApp Group

To ensure we are all well connected and use this facility correctly and productively, we have come up with a few ground rules for using the WhatsApp Group.

- Respect - We ask that members using this WhatsApp group respect each other and acknowledge that we all have different views and opinions. Bullying, harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated.

- Privacy and Confidentiality - you must not share contact details of participants in the group to anyone else without permission from that individual.

- No use of explicity / Sexual language.

- Let others have their say - let others contribute and if you have a lot to say, that's great, just make sure you don't dominate discussions.

- Have fun! - Share exciting news and dieas related to OYC

- No tolerance policy - OYC team will monitor conversations. We may ask you to remove a comment or chat that is not appropriate as explained above. In rare cases, we may need to remove you from the group.

- To leave the group - click on the name of the group, this will display the group icon and participants, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Exit Group' if you no longer wish to to participate.