Reduce your energy bills

Measures you can take right now

Here are a few things you can do immediately to help save money.
If you answer some more questions we can recommend other measures you can take.

National home energy efficiency grants and schemes

10% reduction in heating bills through a 1 degree change

Turn down thermostat – If you turn down your main thermostat just one degree it will cut your heating bills straight away, and you should not feel any difference.

£5 annual saving for a single replacement bulb

Low Energy Lighting – Fitting a low energy bulb whenever you change a lightbulb will cut your electricity bill without having any other impact on your household.

Advice and tips to reduce your energy bills

What are the benefits of installing loft insulation?

Fitting an extra layer of insulation in your loft is a quick and easy way to cut your heating bills and make your home warmer.

Reduce tumble dryer usage

Tumble dryers use a fair amount of electricity to heat the air they use, as well as to run the fan and motor. If you can dry clothes outside you can cut your electricity use over the year.