Helping tomorrows young people today

By helping young person reach their full potential and play an active role in their community

Ocean Youth Connexions (OYC) started its journey in September 2000 by a group of local volunteer of the Ocean Estate to address the local issues that was ravaged by poverty, high drugs misuse, organised crimes, vandalism and graffiti, boarded up shops, Anti Social behaviour and low educational attainments. This vicious circle of risky behaviour has enveloped the whole area to making it Britain’s most deprived area (source BBC 2001).

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Open Access Sessions for 12-19 years old

Tuesday & Thursday 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Ocean Tenants Leaseholders Association,
Ernest Street, London E1 4SE



Taekwondo Sessions for 8-19 years old

Saturday 11am to 1pm

Mulberry Sports Centre,
Richard Street, Lon E1 2JP



Global Art Taekwondo

Our vision is to create a learning community where everyone has the opportunity to achieve success in a safe and caring environment.



Saturday football training sessions for 12-19 years old

Saturdays 2pm-4pm

Mile End Leisure Centre,
Burdett Rd, London E3 4HL (Pitch 1& 2)