Youth sector moves into Green level

Welcome everyone, as you are aware that the youth sector has moved into the Green level in the readiness framework, where indoor and outdoor activities can take place with no limitation on numbers or social distancing.

All of our youth centres are open and our Taekwondo Martial art activities will take place with the maximum numbers the halls allows us to deliver a safe level of training. We ask everyone to continue to keep safe, stay healthy, wash and sanitise where possible at our sanitisation points, try to wear a mask when advised, and get plenty of fresh air to improve your mental health and well-being.

We will continue with our activities bearing in mind Covid-19 safety procedures and provide essential PPE where possible to young people to ensure that they can actively participate and get fully involved. In this current climate we need as many young people engaged in meaningful activities to deal with their social, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional wellbeing.

All of our staff members are back at work, while we lost a few long term staff members we have been busy recruiting new staff to deliver our expanding services and activities.

So if you need to contact us to discuss and chat about local needs and address local issues, feel free to call, email or even drop by the office for a chat.

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