Youth sector moves into Step 3 on the Roadmap

From 21 June 2021, we can confirm that the youth sector moves into Step 3 on the Roadmap, moving to YELLOW in the readiness framework, where indoor and outdoor activities can take place with no limitation on numbers for under 18’s.

Currently, all our centres are open and our Taekwondo Martial art activities will take place in limited numbers due to the leisure centre restrictions on numbers allowed. We ask everyone to keep safe, stay healthy, wash and sanitise as often as possible, wear a mask, and get plenty of fresh air.

We will continue with our activities in a Covid-19 safe environment providing essential PPE where possible. We understand that the lack of services available to young people in this current climate is much needed now than ever before especially when dealing with their physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. Most of our staff members are working so if you need to give us a phone call we will do our best to make that chat happen to find out your needs and address those issues raised.

For more information and understanding on Covid-19 readiness levels please visit

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